Katie Bielenberg

Elementary school teacher


Learning Through Challenges 
Students learn best when presented with appropriate challenges. They benefit and advance their learning through knowledge, experience, skills and differentiated strategies. I provide challenging opportunities through hands-on activities, collaboration, project-based learning, problem-solving and enriched curriculum.

It is my goal to create an engaging and enriching classroom where students can grow and achieve personal outcomes. I aim to help students develop and express their individual interests and talents. I provide an environment where students feel excited to embrace their individualism and share ideas. 

I am most effective in classrooms where I can:  

  • Unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose  
  • Deliver joy, fulfillment, and love to students  
  • Empower students to find their unique voice
  • Inspire students to invest in their education outcomes


Lesson Plans & Methodology

Curriculum design, lesson planning, and methodology are core to keeping young learners engaged. I find interactivity, dedicated question time, and fun, are the best way to deliver a lesson. Below are example lesson plans I've created for Math, Language Arts, and Science at the 2nd grade level in addition to my approaches to managing the classroom.


Addition | Situational



Anemometer | Weather

Language Arts

Homonyms | Spelling

Classroom Management

Expectation Setting

Differentiated Instruction

Individual Learning


I welcome opportunities to discuss the education industry, curriculum design, classroom management, and education technology. Please use the link below to schedule a 15 or 30 minute meeting with me.